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Home Science

Science and technology have made great changes and brought with in the reach of man much wealth, comfort, pleasure and leisure which has enhanced physical standards of life, lasting happiness depended upon the quality of life and values in the “Home”. Home is a place where one gets love, feeling of comfort, oneness within the family members and helps lead peaceful family life. The major task of Home Science is to inspire people with new idealism and renewed patriotism. If the family functions well the nation will advance. Parents are the pivot around the family moves. A women in the family can make the home a heaven of peaces by maintaining the culture, taking responsibility of home and family maintenance. Home Science is an art as well science. Home science education enriches the home maker in all walks of life. Home Science caters not only to the physical aspects but also to the moral and spiritual needs of the family.
Home Science education deals with following fields

- Food Science and nutrition
- Child care and development
- Textile and clothing
- Home nursing
- Home management
- Human relationship
- Community extension activities

Home Science at KVK mainly concentrating work on the following

- Post harvest technology of agricultural produce (cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits & vegetables)
- Agri based IG activities - cut flower arrangement, agarbathi making, cattle feed preparation, tailoring, wire bag making, techno agents etc.,
- Strengthening SHGs
- Awareness on pollution free indoor environment and better resource management at home and farm
- User of labour & time saving farm and home implements
- Improving the nutritional status of family members by adopting nutrient conserving cooking methods and establishing a nutrition garden.

With the employment of urban and rural women and youth there is a continuing increase especially on women to manage both work place and home in a balanced way.Therefore it is important in a family to share and cooperate in reaching the family goals by all the family members according to their individual capacity.