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Plant Protection

Plant protection is a branch of agricultural science which deals with the controlling diseases, pests, and weeds of crops and trees, as well as a set of measures used to prevent and eliminate the damage done to plants by harmful organisms. Plant protection strategy and activities have significant importance in the overall crop production programme for sustainable agriculture. Plant Protection efforts aim at minimizing the crop losses due to insect pests, diseases weeds, nematodes rodents etc.

Mysore district is a museum of crops; all the crops were growing in all the seasons of the year. The crops like Paddy, Sugarcane, Banana, cotton, Grams ( Bengal gram, Pigeon Pea, ground nut) vegetables (Tomato, Brinjal,Chilli, melons, gourds) and flower crops (Crossandra,Tuberose, Jasmine etc).Of the cultivable area 3.42 lakh ha in districts , 1.21 lakh ha is under irrigated and remaining is rainfed.

The Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection) looks after area concerning agricultural entomology and pathology. The mandated activities include On Farm Testing, Frontline Demonstration and training events aimed at pest and disease management in crops grown in Mysore district including horticulture crops. The SMS manages Trichogramma chilonis , Vermicompost production unit and Agri clinic activities of the center.