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Soil Science

Mysore district has total cultivated area of 3,34,303 ha. The major crops of the district are paddy, sugarcane, Tobacco and horticulture crops. The major soil types are red soils, and black soils which also includes, few patches of calcarius and problematic soils. The problematic soils come under Kabini canal area. The district has about 950ha saline soils and 2450ha of alkaline soils.

The fertility status in the district as follows : Organic Carbon (OC%) – Low(<0.5), Phosphorus is low to medium (9-22kg/ac) and then potash is medium to high(>120kg/ac). Under micronutrients Zn, Fe and BO are mainly deficient in soils of Mysore district, particularly Zn in Paddy, Fe in Sugarcane and vegetable crops and Boron in horticulture crops.

Based on these facts has started Soil, Water and Plant analysis laboratory in 2006 and is addressing the problems faced in related soils. Till December 2011 more than 2500 soil samples, 150 water samples were analyzed, conducting FLD, OFT, trainings and technical advisory services to farmers.