Trichogramma Unit


- Use of the bio-agents to reduce incidence of Early Shoot Borer in Sugarcane, fruit borers in tomato; thereby increasing the productivity & returns to the farmers.
- To reduce indiscriminate use of pesticides; thereby reduce cost of production
- To generate income under KVK Revolving Fund.


Number of training programs conducted-25 and Number of farmers trained-1832


- Annual production- 2400 cards covering an area of 5000 acres.
- More than 2000 farmers have been using the Tricho cards.
- The problem is dealt with by removing the pest at egg stage
- The cost for one chemical spray is Rs.175/ac and which reduced to Rs. 100 by use of Tricho cards (Based on the pest incidence @ 2-4 cards/ac).
- Monetary value of reduction in use of pesticides by 2000 farmers (2.5ac/farmer) amounts to Rs 3.75lakh @ Rs 75/ac for one spray)
- Also saves cost on labour, increases yield and ensures higher returns
- Eco-friendly, controls pests up to 85-90%

Slide Show of Trichogramma Production Unit Activities