Agri Clinic

    The Agri-Clinic was initiated by the KVK in the year 1999 with an initial capital investment of Rs.5000/- and it was strengthened and systematized during 2004. The purpose of the Agri clinic is to create a single window facility for the farmers to diagnose samples (Pest, Diseases/Nutrient deficiency), providing technical guidance and to arrange essential products, thus helping them in solving their problems by making available technical services and assistance locally.


- To provide timely technical assistance to farmers locally
- To promote use of bio-pesticide, bio-control agents and bio-fertilizers
- Supply of quality agri inputs at reasonable price
-To create awareness on judicious and safe use of pesticides and
- Contribute to better returns by providing technical and input support services.

The main impacts are

1. The major problems diagnosed include pests , diseases and nutrient deficiencies of almost all the crops grown in the district, such as Paddy, Sugar cane , Pulses, Cotton, Coconut,     banana , tomato, brinjal, turmeric , watermelon, jasmine, mulberry etc.,
2. The farmers are getting products at lower prices in comparison to the market prices apart from technical advice, the combination of which is not easily available at one place to
3. The number of farmers benefiting from the programme so far has reached 9,600
4. Farmers in villages in Mysore and neighboring districts are aware of and are seeking the services of Agri Clinic
5. The turnover of the Agri Clinic has exceeded Rs. 6,00,000/-
6. The Programme has helped farmers in saving travel distance and time spent for procuring inputs and getting technical guidance
7. The Agri Clinc is contributing to significant reduction in the indiscriminate use of agro chemicals

Agri Clinic Activities